Fraction a.k.a. Eric Raynaud is an experimental music producer whose work focuses on creating intense immersive experiences, involving spatial sound in interaction with other media. His productions first appeared on the Berlin based imprint Shitkatapult before he joined french label INFINE. He works as a sound sculptor, experimenting with rhythmic deconstruction, timbral chaos, apparent disorder and processing synthetic and acoustics sources to create coherent sound organization in dimensional perspective.

He created several acclaimed works, among them 'Dromos' in 2013 for MUTEK festival. A grant by the Institut Français in the field of Digital Arts enabled Raynaud to conduct several months research and creation at Societé des Arts Technologique of Montreal on sound immersion and new media interactions. This led to the creation of Entropia, a unique A/V performance involving a led sphere and ambisonics sound that he has started to present in 2015, and that has been featured by Creators Project, DesignBoom and described by XLR8 as 'one of the most breathtaking and interesting presentations we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in a long time'. 

Raynaud created an adaptation for 4DSOUND of Iannis Xenakis' monumental piece 'Persepolis', firstly performed for the Showroom of Contemporary Sound in Zagreb. Xenakis’s original setting of the work, created for the castle of Darius in Iran, took the listeners on a journey along different rooms of the castle. Xenakis wanted to literally ‘fill’ the spaces with sound, overwhelm the listeners in a sounding ritual where one would lose conscious perception of time and space. Raynaud explores how state-of-the-art spatial sound techniques can bring out the animality and brutal immersion originally intended with the work in a new way, and how one can maintain personal artistic freedom and originality while respecting the intentions of the original work at the same time.



Photo credits: Elise Boularan