Dieter Vandoren, born 1981 in Belgium, is an artist, performer and developer. His work draws from diverse backgrounds in music, IT and experimental architecture and revolves around the creation and play of spatial, immersive audiovisual instruments with a strong focus on the embodied aspects of performance. Dieter is a founding member of the iii collective and associate in A/V rental and production company Squat Deluxe Rotterdam. He is a guest tutor and researcher at the Hyperbody and ID-StudioLab groups at the Delft University of Technology (departments of architecture and industrial design).

Dieter holds a master degree in ArtScience (Royal Academy of Art & Conservatory The Hague) and a bachelor in Digital Communication (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht). His works have been featured at Ars Electronica (AT), Club Transmediale (DE), NIME (UK), Electrochoc (FR), TodaysArt (NL), STEIM (NL), STRP (NL), Glow (NL), Fiber (NL) and more. He is based in Rotterdam, NL.

Dieter develops the audiovisual piece 'Weaving a light mesh on a shadow loom’ for the 4DSOUND studio during a 5-week residency at the Spatial Sound Institute. He is realizing a lighting installation inside the studio to complement the spatial sound system with a visual counterpart. Visual and audio systems integrate into one composition and performance instrument. The piece's ephemeral audiovisual elements combine and collide with the studio's highly characteristic physical structure turning it into a vortex of deeply immersive and penetrant sensations.