BlurBoyz are a composite of Hungarian indivisualists Ferenc Varga - Light and Smoke designer, Istvan Hollos - Production Manager, Dennis Michael Khieffer Beviz - Art Director and Daniel Besnyo - Visual Artist who make awesome WOW.


BlurBoyz developed a non-conformist visual language, that has the sense of space without definition. It sets an atmosphere that is always the similar, but different: not just ‘visual’, but infotainment, that helps and propels the audience’s perception of the sound in an abstract and conceptual way.

BlurBoyz were Artist-in-Residence at 4DSOUND and contributed the light design to the ADE Sound Academy. They accompanied many 4DSOUND shows, by artists such as Biosphere, Pantha du Prince, Stimming, Vladislav Delay and Max Cooper with bespoke light and visual design.