Salvador Breed creates and sculpts sound and technology for contexts like live performances, fashion shows, commercials, video-art and installations. With use of field recordings, vintage analogue and modern technologies, he puts down atmosphere’s, movements and impacts. Examples of his sound work for video work are Aleph and Spatial Reverse.

Collaborators are among others fashion designer Iris van Herpen, architect Philip Beesley, photo & video-artists Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones, choreographer Russel Maliphant. He also releases under the moniker of Breek, on Atomnation records.

Long-term collaborator and co-founder of 4DSOUND, Breed developed multiple creative projects such as the sound installation ‘Pathetique’ together with Paul Oomen for the Blown Away Festival, in collaboration the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. Oomen and Breed transform the rich sound world from Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony into an organically evolving sound landscape using 4DSOUND.

For the International Fashion Week in 2014 in Amsterdam, Breed presented a 4DSOUND version of ZERO, the acclaimed choreography by Nanine Linning and costumes by Iris van Herpen. Dancers moved through the audience interacting with physical shapes of sound that emerge in space. Shadows of music by Joseph Haydn, Arvo Pärt and Philip Glass hover in between the audience like phantoms, creating an intense and hypnotic experience.

In 2015, Breed created the interactive sound design together with Stijn van Beek for the 4DSOUND performance NUE by interdisciplinary artist Lisa Park.

Artist image: Nienke Berghuis