Musician and composer Thomas Vaquié dedicates most of his time composing music and sound design for moving image, in particular for cinema and documentary. Over the last few years he has specialised in music experimentation for audiovisual work with the AntiVJ visual label, creating site­ specific pieces for the Old Port of Montreal’s metallic conveyor tower, in Songdo South Korea’s futurist city project, Hala Stulecia, Poland’s 70m diameter concrete dome, or France’s Centre Pompidou Metz designed by Shigeru Ban. Thomas also creates compositions for immersive audiovisual installations, such as AntiVJ’s projects3Destruct, Light Sculptures v2 and Cityscape 2095.

With a strong sense of composition and narrative, sound designer skills and a capacity to project an image sonically, Thomas produces striking, emotional and physical pieces, consistently trying to extend visual experiences into physical ones.

For Berlin Atonal 2014, French composer and sound designer Thomas Vaquié was commissioned to create a site-specific work for 4DSOUND in the immense space of Kraftwerk Berlin, one of the city’s former power plants. Vaquié’s creation derives entirely from cut fragments of string instruments, found in a variety of contemporary classical compositions for ensemble. He abstractly investigates the properties of the sound’s materiality by exploring spatial attributes such as position, distance, angle, diffusion, and movement.

Photo credit: Caroline De Decker