Cassegrain is the Greco-Turkish pairing of Alex Tsiridis and Hüseyin Evirgen, Their collaboration originated via a chance meeting at the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona. The Berlin based duo, now well established in the sphere of electronic music, found a home in Prologue Music after having several releases with the label including the highly acclaimed double 12" ‘Tiamat’. Cassegrain have become known for their intricate, hardware based live sets which they have performed worldwide, from Berlin's Berghain, Barcelona's Sonar Festival to Tokyo, Taipei and across the United States.

After releasing their triple vinyl, debut album ‘Centres of Distraction’ through Prologue in November last year, an appearance on  Ostgut Ton followed alongside Tin Man as part of Berghain 07 mixed by Function. Their collaborative project featured on one of two exclusive 12”s released by the label. Following this, a full EP on Function’s Infrastructure (co-run by Inland) was released in June.

Cassegrain developed a spatially expansive rework in 4DSOUND of their recent debut album, ‘Centres of Distraction’ on Prologue. Cassegrain’s sound design both unsettles and hypnotises, evoking a fizzing, even oppressive tension. Discordant and at times abrasive, ‘Centres of Distraction’ unfurls concisely: sparse, driving percussive elements shift subtly in and out of sync under densely phasing arpeggios, overlaid with startling atonal twangs and beeps.

In these alien, inhospitable yet strangely inviting landscapes, the listener can experience effective psycho-acoustic qualities that 4DSOUND heightens and intensifies, and extended with wearable bass technology from SubPac for deeply immersive bass experience.


Photo credit: Axel Masson