Fjäder – feather – refers to the shaman’s indispensable talisman. Used for wafting incense in order to dispel bad vibrations, Fjäder’s sound could be said to perform the same cleansing rites. Her sense of experimental and deep techno first emerged with the release of her first split vinyl EP, collaborating with Stephanie Sykes on Dasha Rush’s Fullpanda Records. Since then, Fjäder has started her own label Nordanvind Records and is continually expanding this shamanistic, multi-dimensional universe incorporating techno, dub, ambient and other sonic elements.

Fjäder creates music that strives to build borders between nature and technology, logic and dreams. Lofi pads embedded in drums, kicks and dampness. She explored her remarkable sound signature in a fully spatial sound approach as part of 4DSOUND: Techno is Space.