Art Director and Installation Artist, Florence To designs and produces spatial light installations to create an awareness of the organized elements in architecture. After obtaining a Masters Degree in Design at The Glasgow School of Art, she began developing installations, working in a variety of disparate environments and tailoring each project to fit the space. To worked in textiles and as a tailor for four years assisting with embroidery and pattern cutting for designers such as Alexander McQueen and Boudicca, and her attention to detail remains apparent in her aesthetics, with a strong focus on interior, textures and composition.

To has a background in classical music which led her to collaborate with sound designers for commissioned projects and performances including The Society of Arts and Technology in Montreal and Unsound Festival in Krakow. She continues to explore the effects of live performance, through researching the creation of physical presence with light and how different sensory arrangements can create an emotional and psychological impact on the audience. In her current project CØV with Alex Menzies, To explores the intuitive crafts in performance and the awareness for physical materials and physiological responses associated with sound.

To’s involvement with 4DSOUND began early 2014 when she joined John Connell, Paul Oomen and Robert Jan Liethoff  in Amsterdam for the development of an experimental sound and meditation workshop method. The work eventually evolved into NOQTURNL, an overnight audiovisual meditation exploring collective dreamstate, created by To and sound designer John Connell. Participants are taken through a series of imaginary spaces as they drift between waking and dreaming throughout the night. Conveyed through patterns and structures of light and shifting soundscapes working with tones, field recordings and voice, individual dream environments are evoked with their own distinct moods and interactions.


'It’s to try and recreate illusions that could be seen in the space and give a surreal experience to make people aware of the physical presence of the space. It’s drifting in and out of sleep that creates a vulnerable experience with our reality and a different awareness, exploring how that can affect the mind and also our memories. Through the development of Noqturnl and participating in the installation myself, there is a shift of emotional patterns when becoming vulnerable, allowing ourselves to relax with our senses and using the heightened senses to be more aware of our body.'
Florence To interviewed by Greenroom Magazine 

Starting as a meditation, then moving into a sustained state in between sleeping and waking, participants are encouraged to use the session as a chance for self-reflection, processing of memories, perceived mental and physical blockages and, ultimately, a dialogue with non-ordinary states of awareness and self-awareness at a deeper level.