Beginning his fledgling DJ career in mid-late ‘80s Madrid, Mulero became a driving force in the emerging Spanish electronic music scene, building a reputation nationally with a sound built on dark and industrial foundations: Gothic Rock and EBM giving way to hard, acid-tinged techno in the ‘90s. A prolific producer with over 40 12’’ releases under his belt, he has also produced three albums, including 2012’s Black Propaganda on his own Warm Up Recordings- a stark, desolate techno excursion triggered by the economic situation in Spain. Developing into an increasingly established international name around the turn of the millennium, it could be said that Mulero’s music continued to mature but never mellowed, retaining the intensity of his banging ‘90s sets whilst becoming increasingly sophisticated and, in recent years, spacious in its sound design.

It is this balance of intensity and spaciousness that drew Mulero and 4DSOUND to develop a performance together for Techno Is Space, 4DSOUND’s series of experimental club performances exploring the spatial characteristic of techno. Mulero spatially re-interpreted his latest album ‘Muscle and Mind’ on PoleGroup Recordings, taking advantage of the expansive spatial capabilities of the 4DSOUND system and integrated tactile bass-technology by SubPac.


'Some of Oscar's tracks... seemed to unravel themselves almost organically, as the kicks and hi-hats fluttered through the room, hitting you at various different heights and angles.'
Resident Advisor