Jens Massel, aka Senking, was born in 1969 in Cologne. From the early 90s on he gathered his first musical experiences as a bass player in punk and indie bands. Playing the bass guitar still is an ongoing process for him. In 1995 he got his hands on a very lo-fi synthesizer which was able to sample for five seconds. These ‘mini-loops’ were recorded and arranged on a 4-track machine with the result of his first electronic tracks on tape. After this he was hooked to create electronic music. Since 1999 he has been steadily building an extensive discography at Berlin’s experimental imprint Raster-Noton.

Massel's experimental work is a lot about organic dynamics and a certain atmosphere which often reminds of listening to a soundtrack for a movie, or of being a hundred miles under sea-level. In best case scenario both of it. These days he’s giving more attention to the visualisation of his music. After all the years with the idea of creating images in the listeners heads just by listening to his music, adding visuals to his live performances is another step.

The extension of his live performance working with a spatial sound system can be considered as a natural evolution of his musical breathe as well. Senking’s music is inherently spatial, always suggestive of depths that go beyond the actual space the listener is in, endlessly long industrial halls, or deserted mountains as the dusk falls over the day. This quality of his music has reached a new dimension of experience in his 4DSOUND performance. Embedded in a vast reverberant space, wavy basslines envelop the audience, while beats articulate sharp lines inside this imaginary architecture.