The penultimate presentation of Techno Is Space 0.9, the initial research phase of our residency series exploring the spatial characteristics of techno sound design, is with Berlin-based duo Cassegrain.
The Greco-Turkish pairing of Alex Tsiridis and Hüseyin Evirgen, fast cementing their place in the new wave of innovative artists to emerge from the city, will develop a spatially expansive rework of their recent debut album, ‘Centres of Distraction’ on Prologue. Cassegrain’s sound design both unsettles and hypnotises, evoking a fizzing, even oppressive tension. Discordant and at times abrasive, ‘Centres of Distraction’ unfurls concisely: sparse, driving percussive elements shift subtly in and out of sync under densely phasing arpeggios, overlaid with startling atonal twangs and beeps.
In these alien, inhospitable yet strangely inviting landscapes, the listener can experience effective psycho-acoustic qualities that the expansive spatial capabilities of 4DSOUND will heighten and intensify, integrating wearable bass technology from SubPac for deeply immersive bass experience.
Cassegrain will present a spatially reworked ‘Centres of Distraction’ for a very limited audience on Saturday June 20th at 21:00 in the 4DSOUND Studio at Warehouse Elementenstraat. A limited number of tickets will be made available by invitation only. If you would like to be part of what we’re suspecting will be a memorable performance, send us an email explaining why you’d like to attend to

INVITATION ONLY – No tickets in pre-sale. No tickets at the door.
Light design by Nikki Hock.