The 4DSOUND Artist Residency is a program that supports artists in developing new repertoires on the 4DSOUND system. It provides artists with a unique opportunity to develop their musical ideas – in a completely new context.
With extensive technical facilities to fully control the spatial sound environment, the artists are invited to invent, and discover, new relationships between sound, the space and the listeners. Each residency lasts for seven days, and closes with a public performance of the artist’s work at the 4DSOUND studio. With a focus on working with different performers, composers and other collaborative projects – 4DSOUND aims to develop engaging and ongoing partnerships with a wide variety of passionate creators, on a monthly basis.
4DSOUND Artists Residency:
Lucy – January 11th
Biosphere – March 1st
Pantha du Prince – March 8th
Stimming – May 10th
Murcof – May 31st