The second in our series of experimental Techno Residencies is with enigmatic Swedish artists Korridor and Fjäder.
Fjäder – feather – refers to the shaman’s indispensible talisman. Used for wafting incense in order to dispel bad vibrations, Fjäder’s sound could be said to perform the same cleansing rites. Her sense of experimental and deep techno first emerged last winter with the release of her first split vinyl EP, collaborating with Stephanie Sykes, on Dasha Rush’s Fullpanda Records. Since then, Fjäder has started her own label Nordanvind Records and is continually expanding this shamanistic, multi-dimensional universe incorporating techno, dub, ambient and other sonic elements.
Korridor’s production is steadily gaining praise, with recent releases on Abdullah Rashim’s Northern Electronics, Hypnus Records and Nordanvind. His heady blend of tribal-infused ambient techno, like last year’s hypnotic Vacuum Decay, rises and falls in rhythmical waves: swirling spirals of synths and echoing arcs of cymbals evoke images of distant, abstract spaces, accessed through deep trance.
With 4DSOUND and integrated wearable tactile bass technology from SubPac, the upcoming producers explore their remarkable sound signatures in a fully spatial sound approach, exploring a new level of immersive experience for the audience.
On May 16th 21:00, exploratory performances by Korridor and Fjäder will take place in the 4DSOUND Studio at Warehouse Elementenstraat. A very limited number of tickets will be made available by invitation only. If you would like to be part of this first-of-a-kind premiere, send us an email explaining why you’d like to attend to
INVITATION ONLY – No tickets in pre-sale. No tickets at the door.
Light design by Nikki Hock.
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