Pantha du Prince is the third in a series of Artist Residency performances on the 4DSOUND system.
German electronic producer Hendrik Weber has been active under the moniker of Pantha du Princesince 2002. From his recently acclaimed release “Elements of Light” in collaboration with The Bell Laboratory – to his earlier releases on the Dial label, Pantha du Prince shows his eagerness to combine electronics and acoustics, technology and nature.
Music is always already there, even without humans‘. Pantha du Prince’s definition of music sets no boundaries. To him, music slumbers in all matter. His mission is to render audible what is unheard – and what is unheard of. In his use of natural field recordings, improvisation and technology become indistinguishable. Narratives are driven by diverse acoustic designs of which the tiny details form organic phrases. Electro-acoustic environments move from concrete shapes to complex harmonies, from sweet melodies to random noise, and to silence.
A Q&A with the artist will take place after the performance.
Lighting and visuals by Daniel Besnyo, Dennis Michael Khieffer Beviz, Istvan Hollos and Ferenc Varga.
Date: March 8th, 2014
20:30 – 4DSOUND Studio
Humberweg 6,
1043 AC, Amsterdam
Tickets €17,50 ex. transaction costs
Only 250 tickets available HERE