After half a year of preparations and while still being fully immersed in the final construction works, we are thrilled to announce the opening of the Institute of Spatial Sound – a new global center for research and development in the field of spatial sound and immersive sonic environments. We will celebrate the inauguration of the new space with a two-day programme opening Friday 16th of October, exhibiting a retrospective of works created in 4DSOUND over the past four years.

During the past eight years, 4DSOUND has been developing and refining the technology to create, perform and experience sound spatially. At present, we are happy to see that spatial sound is steadily gaining recognition as a new medium: a creative discipline that opens up ways of expression and communication with sound that were not possible before. Referring to our creative vision, as outlined in our talk earlier this year during CTM Festival in Berlin, we believe that spatial sound is a powerful tool to further our understanding of space and to develop more subtle, complex and intensive levels of awareness within space.
Over the next decade we see spatial sound developing into an established area of study with increasing influence on a range of scientific, socio-cultural and artistic areas. As a permanent facility dedicated to this new discipline, the Institute of Spatial Sound will be catalyst for emerging applications, and demonstrate insight into the implications of the medium within relevant fields in society. Highly collaborative, we intend to engage a broad creative community to participate in our curriculum of courses and artist residencies, and invite a range of specialists and experts from diverse fields to conceptualize and perform projects, conduct research and provide commentary and analysis.

The Institute of Spatial Sound has found its permanent home at Art Quarter Budapest. A former brewery built in 1860 in the area of Budafok, Hungary, it was revitalised ten years ago as an interdisciplinary art and research centre hosting studios and residencies to support artists in developing and showcasing their work. 4DSOUND and Art Quarter Budapest have partnered to develop a large-scale spatial sound studio, project space and twenty residencies dedicated to artists, technologists and researchers in the field of spatial sound. We will start accepting submissions for these residencies over the next months.

4DSOUND inaugurates the Institute of Spatial Sound at Art Quarter Budapest with a two-day sound exhibition including live-shows and lectures, in collaboration with the CAFe Contemporary Art Festival Budapest. The exhibition forms a retrospective of works created especially for 4DSOUND during the past four years, by a range of artistic collaborators from the field of music, visual art and immersive technologies. The event will also be the premiere showing of 4DSOUND in Hungary.
Friday 16th October, 19:00 – 24:00 Sound Exhibition Grand Opening

20:00 Max Cooper: Fractured Reality [sound sculpture, 2014]
20:10 Gábor Lázár: Omnidirectional Synthesis [live show, world premiere]
20:40 Max Cooper: Rhythm and Space [sound sculpture, 2014]
21:00 Marcel Wierckx: White Light Black Static [live a/v show]
22:20 Max Cooper: Interference [sound sculpture, 2014]
22:30 Frank Bretschneider [live show]
23:30 John Connell & Florence To: NOQTURNL [excerpt - a/v installation, 2015]

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Saturday 17th October, 12:00 – 24:00 Sound Exhibition
12:00 – 24:00 Retrospective Exhibition with sound sculptures by Max Cooper, Murcof, Thomas Vaquié, Marco Donnarumma, Marco Ciciliani, John Connell & Florence To, Salvador Breed, Paul Oomen

Lecture Programme
14:00 Paul Oomen: Masterclass in Spatial Sound Design
15:00 John Connell: Understanding Space through Sound
16:00 Robert-Jan Liethoff: Space Body Intelligence

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