4DSOUND invites artists, researchers and technical developers from a variety of disciplines to apply for the Artist Residency Programme 2016-2017 at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, Hungary. 

The Spatial Sound Institute is a centre for research and development in the fields of spatial sound and immersive sonic environments. Opened in October 2015 within Art Quarter Budapest, the facility includes a large-scale spatial sound studio, project space and accommodation for up to twenty artists.

The Artist Residency Programme offers dedicated time working on the 4DSOUND system. We welcome international and local artists from a range of backgrounds: composers, musicians, sound designers, programmers, 3D visual designers, sound artists, architects, dramaturgists and choreographers who are interested in working with spatial sound and its interrelation with other relevant technologies. The residency is designed for artists to explore the system and its creative potential in individual sessions, while receiving ongoing technical support and regular scheduled guidance on creative development and evaluation. 

The Institute will host regular public presentations of the newly developed works. Presenting the residencies can take a range of forms - from concert or event-setting to public talks and research publications on specific processes and outputs. The Spatial Sound Institute is dedicated to document and archive the working processes and broaden the communication about the works and the artists to an international audience.

The call for proposals has now opened and is continuous until the end of 2017. Applications are reviewed every six weeks by the Curatorial Board of the Spatial Sound Institute. Proposals may run from one month up to one year, depending on scope of the proposed project and available funding. 

Visit the Artist Residency Programme page for full details on how to apply.