On Friday June 24th, we welcome long-term 4DSOUND collaborator Stimming to the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest for a very special live show together with musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer Johannes Brecht.

Stimming’s charismatic productions are filled with a multitude of his own unique field recordings and rhythmic bricks, demonstrating a sophisticated yet accessible sound, rich in detail. His collaboration with the Hamburg-based label DIYnamic Music began in 2007. After releasing more then twenty singles, EP’s and albums at the label, Stimming added the latest pearl to his impressive discography last month with the accomplished Alpe Lusia.

Stimming’s continuously evolving 4DSOUND show is entirely instrument-based, including the charismatic presence of the Moog Synth, Micro-Brute, OP-1, Nord Lead 02, an upright Piano and the custom designed Space Control 01 to move the sounds coming from his analog synthesizers and drum machines in space. All live and completely intuitive – moving the audiences mind and feet. 

'It's early days for this technology and I still don’t know how far I can go, especially because I have decided to play everything live. There is hardly any themes and grooves that are pre-programmed on my machines, the magic happens in the moment itself. Ironically, its the most simple sounds that work best, the complexity is largely the result of the spatial dimension that the system adds.'
Stimming in Thump / VICE 

For Stimming, exploring his music in 4DSOUND has been a road leading back to the roots of playing music live, bringing electronic music performance back to being an entirely physical act in the here and now. 

For this special occasion Stimming will perform side by side with Johannes Brecht on the 4DSOUND system. As a studio and live musician for many German major artists, he was able to build a reputation as a talented newcomer in recent years. Among other projects, Brecht is responsible for all orchestral arrangements of the Henrik Schwarz Instruments Album on Sony Classical. After a few orchestra tours through Europe and Asia, he developed his interest in popular music studio technologies and his enjoyment of club and electronic music. His qualities as a producer reveal in tracks of melodic, deep and sometimes hymnic character.


Friday June 24, 2016 

starts 21:00 



Spatial Sound Institute (map)

Nagytétényi út 48-50

1222 Budapest



Tickets are 3200 HUF / 10 EUR and can be purchased here.

Facebook event page.