Opening at the historic Funkhaus on 1st December 2017, Berlin gains an experimental performance venue and state of the art spatial sound studio centred around a large-scale 4DSOUND system. 

MONOM will open up the possibilities of our evolving technologies and practices to Berlin’s artistic community by commissioning ongoing artist residencies and public performances. The centre will specifically focus on artistic productions that integrate 4DSOUND technology with other media and interfaces - movement, light, virtual and augmented reality, bio­-feedback or brainwave ­metrics will provide opportunity for artists to to compose and perform live sensory ecosystems. This powerful integration is used as a summons to bring together not only sonic artists and musicians across genre and styles, but also artists and technologists across disciplines –­ solidifying MONOM’s ambition to become one of the world's leading immersive experience laboratories. 

To celebrate the grand opening of MONOM as Berlin’s new centre for spatial sound, four world-premiere live performances by such various artists as Croatian Amor, Helm, PYUR and Thomas Ankersmit will be presented on December 1st and 2nd. Purposely sculpted for this occasion and currently in development, each sonic artwork will be composed in 4DSOUND during the artist's residencies at MONOM. Read more about the event here.


Second in a three-part series of opening events is a retrospective exhibition of sound sculptures created by a range of artists from the fields of music, technology, architecture and media. Showing on December 9th and 10th, the retrospective provides a present perfect of the past five years of emerging spatial sound practices in 4DSOUND - ranging from some of the earliest experiments to most recent works. . The exhibition will be curated by 4DSOUND’s founder Paul Oomen. Read more about the event here.

Finally, on December 14th a world premiere composition will be presented by long-standing 4DSOUND collaborator Max Cooper. Since 2013, Cooper has composed several pieces on the system and this occasion marks the next stage in the evolution of his body of spatialized sonic artworks. The night will be supported by Berlin­-based Italian minimalist electronic artist Caterina Barbieri, whose 2017 record Patterns of Consciousness received critical acclaim and was named in several ‘Best of 2017’ music round­ups and who is currently undergoing a residency at MONOM. Read more about the event here.


MONOM aims to engage a wider audience in the potential of spatial sound as a more visceral and human way of experiencing art and music. To this end, MONOM has formed a partnership with 4DSOUND and the Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest. In addition MONOM’s own curatorial of commissioned performance residencies in Berlin, the space will host monthly programmes developed by the Spatial Sound Institute and 4DSOUND.