The Spatial Sound Institute seeks participants for an experiment on physiological reception and mental experience of sound. The experiment will take place in 4DSOUND -  an advanced immersive sound system where the listener is experiencing sound in multiple dimensions. The study will involve psychological questionnaires and monitoring participants’ brain activity using EEG (an unobtrusive brainwave measure) under the direction of Dr. Anat Barnea - neurophysiologist and founder of BioKeshev institute for treatment and improvement of cognitive skills. 

The study will take place on 27-28 October at Funkhaus Berlin. We are looking for (basic) English-speaking participants, 18 years or older, that do not suffer from any acute mental, or physical, health conditions. Eligible participants will be paid €15 for their participation.



Basic English, mentally and physically healthy adults (age 18 or older), and other instructions provided by the experimenters. 



Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin



The study will take approximately 1 hour.


About the researcher: 

Rona Geffen is a musician and researcher conducting a study on the potential medicinal implications of spatial sound.


Interested participants are requested to contact Rona Geffen at  

Please indicate your age, sex, contact information, and available time slots for the dates 27-28.10.2017


Image credit: Jeremy Pfeiffer