For CTM Festival 2018, MONOM, CTM and the Spatial Sound Institute present Transcend the Turmoil - a programme in 4DSOUND including the German premiere of NOQTURNL, the overnight audiovisual performance by John Connell & Florence To, 'Imagining the Hyperspace’ by IOANN and world-premiere performances by GAIKA, Pan Daijing, FIS and TCF.

One of the ways that Turmoil exists within us is through a broken dialogue between expectations and reality, as much on an personal level as on a larger social and political scale. Puncturing through the messiness of our daily lives to occupy our senses with brazen messages, this kind of disconnect is exploited by the many forces competing for our attention or sympathy. Masterful or clumsy, informed or blind, subtle or shriekingly loud, our own physiological and emotional responses are being weaponized against us to confuse, intimidate and entice. 

To cope with the stress of overstimulation, we erect boundaries and dampen our senses just to temper the turmoil. We have been doing this for so long that we have forgotten how to truly listen. During CTM Festival 2018, MONOM – Berlin's Center for Spatial Sound and home to the 4DSOUND system – will become a place to switch off unwanted disturbances and immerse oneself in rich and vivid sonic worlds that will reopen our ears and awaken our senses. 

Sound is a medium that we experience with our entire body. Similarly, the 4DSOUND system is a habitable instrument that merges with and decentralizes the performance space, allowing for sound to come from all around us and move through us. Experiencing sound in this way opens us up to emotional and physical responses inscribed in our ancient and recent memories, providing an opportunity to experience our senses as a gateway to more meaningful connections between inner and outer space and to transcend the turmoil. 

To this end, MONOM has commissioned GAIKA, Pan Daijing, FIS, and TCF to use the 4DSOUND system to build intensely visceral experiences that will range from calming and hypnotizing to thought-provoking and radical. 

  Pan Daijing

Pan Daijing

Two presentations developed with the Spatial Sound Institute will be presented as part of the programme: artist and researcher IOANN will perform his work Imagining the Hyperspace, and on the festival’s first weekend, composer John Connell and art director Florence To will give the German premiere of Noqturnl, an overnight performance exploring the threshold between waking and dreaming.



'What is space, actually? How do we know what we perceive is the real world, rather than a 'shadow theatre', the projection of something more complex that surpasses our ordinary renditions of perception? Can we understand space with more than three-dimensions? How can we listen to 4-dimensional sound?'

These are some of the central questions in Imagining The Hyperspace, seeking to reveal the multidimensional nature of listening by exploring complex geometrical shapes in sound. As part of Transcend the Turmoil, the artist will present four live performances of 4-dimensional sound structures, one on each consecutive night of the programme: Orthoplex, Pentatope, Tesseract and Octaplex. The work invites to explore space beyond our ordinary perception, making the tangible that the construct of space we perceive is an attribute of our consciousness, and that this perception can be altered - using sound to attain a deeper awareness of space and its multidimensional character.


Noqturnl is an overnight performance exploring the threshold between waking and dreaming. Creators To and Connell immerse participants in a spatial field of sound and light designed to open access to the hyper­-lucid: the imaginative and highly receptive state of intelligence available within the dreaming mind. 

A counter­balance to our increasingly dysfunctional and disingenuous information environments, the hyper­-lucid remains one of the last remaining spaces in which we can intuitively decipher the symbolism within external narratives and their impact on the psyche­ and reflect on new directions and possibilities, both psychologically and socially. Working with the 4DSOUND system, Noqturnl plays with the boundaries of our depth and proximity perception, inviting participants to uncover alternative spatial realities and their potential for conscious awareness.



Sat 27.01 - Sun 28.01 (overnight)
Doors 22:00
Show 23:59 until first light (7:30)

GAIKA + TCF + IOANN: Imagining the Hyperspace
Tuesday 30.01 & Wednesday 31.01 (same line-up)
Doors 19:00
Show 20:00

PAN DAIJING + FIS + IOANN: Imagining the Hyperspace
Thursday 01.02 & Friday 02.12 (same line-up)
Doors at 19:00
Show at 20:00


MONOM at Funkhaus Berlin
Nalepastraße 1812459 Berlin


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