How might we develop if we fully refine our listening capacities? What impact could this have on how we build our environments, the interactions we create between us, and our understanding of ourselves as ‘experiencing organisms’?


These are the type of questions we are asking ourselves at 4DSOUND at the moment, and exploring possible answers will shape our direction in the time ahead. At heart, we are most interested in developing practices with sound and listening that facilitate healthier, better connected societies, whilst opening up new musical and artistic possibilities. 

As part of our collaboration with TEDxDanubia last month, 4DSOUND's creative director John Connell wrote an essay examining these questions, focussing on the impact of noise pollution in our physical and digital spaces. The essay was originally published as part of the TXD Idea Book, together with a range of essays exploring new educational models to economic theories. 

Learning To Listen Again is now up on our newly launched Medium page, which will be the home for upcoming long-form thinking and editorial. 

Read more about our showcase at TEDxDanubia here, and look out for 4DSOUND founder Paul Oomen's TEDx talk, which we'll post soon. 

The TXD Idea Book is available at the Mupa bookstore.