'Our ability to listen is already ready, but its not a passive state. Listening is a conscious effort, in the here and now, to increase our awareness of the environment.'

On May 4th, 4DSOUND founder Paul Oomen gave a talk at the TEDxDanubia conference at MUPA Budapest investigating the nature of listening and addressing its fundamental relationship with the evolution of our environments. With their eyes closed throughout the talk, the audience was taken through a listening meditation using a 4DSOUND system installed in the theatre.

Listen to the full talk now on TEDx and learn more about what we call the ‘Ecology of Listening’. 

The talk was part of our collaboration with TEDxDanubia last month, which also included showcases of our programme Reflections From the Inner Mirror exploring the body, the senses and consciousness through new forms of interaction with sound, and publication of the essay Learning to Listen Again that examines the impact of noise pollution in our physical and digital spaces and suggests new directions by focused listening practices and spatial sound technologies.

With our recent call for proposals for the Artist Residency Programme 2018 at the Spatial Sound Institute, we reach out to artists, researchers and technical developers to submit proposals that contribute to developing the Ecology of Listening. At heart we are committed to develop new practices with sound and listening that facilitate healthier, better connected societies, whilst opening up new musical and artistic possibilities. Read more about how to apply here.