We invite creators, designers and performers from diverse disciplines to join an 8-day spatial sound course at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, in co-operation with Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design.

The course will involve listening practice, theoretical study of spatial sound and creative workshops using 4DSOUND technology, culminating in a public presentation by the participants.


Together with the participants we will explore the role of spatial sound technologies in the evolution of our listening, and seek to develop meaningful perspectives on what we call the ‘Ecology of Listening’: 

“…regard the soundscape of the world as a huge musical composition, unfolding around us ceaselessly. We are simultaneously its audience, its performers and its composers."  - Murray R. Schafer

We are now accepting registration for the course taking place from 14th-21st October 2017. The deadline to register for the course is 10th September 2017.  

For further information on the course and registration: