As the spring arrives, we are excited to announce our first major project of 2015. Developed over the winter through many enthusiastic team discussions and development sessions, it is the first in a series of projects emerging from our new creative direction, outlined at CTM Festival in January.
Over the last couple of years, quite a few people have given us feedback on their experience and the potential they saw with 4DSOUND as ‘evolved clubbing’, or even ‘the club of the future’. Club music and the culture around it have been hugely influential to the development of 4DSOUND, and nothing more so than techno. After all, the initial work around 4DSOUND was entwined with the opera Nikola, a 5-hour theatrical experience deeply inspired by techno as both musical form and culture.
What we hear in techno music resembles what we hear when we listen to the world around us, as we move through space: techno is about transformations of dimensions and intensities of sound. A play of constant shifts in spectrum and phase of the sounds that make the listener lose orientation and transcend the actual space one is in. We started to consider what a techno night within 4DSOUND might sound -and feel- like, outlining what we imagine an evolved clubbing experience would actually be: spatially expansive, psychologically rich, and physically immersive.
4DSOUND: Techno Is Space
4DSOUND: Techno Is Space explores the nature of spatial forms and energetic movements within techno through a series of experimental techno artist residencies. With an initial research phase spanning from May to July this year, 4DSOUND will work with artists such as Mike Parker, Oscar Mulero and Dasha Rush to investigate and deconstruct their signature sound and evolve it into a fully spatial sound approach. By reinterpreting techno through spatial sound, we intend to open up new scope for sonic exploration, artist performance and audience experience.
For Techno Is Space, 4DSOUND will collaborate with SubPac to create a new level of immersive experience for the audience. The wireless wearable SubPac M1s allow a personalized experience of bass you don’t hear, but feel. The merging of spatial sound and tactile bass technology introduces a new ecology of listening to the club experience – a natural and dynamic sound environment, that doesn’t damage your ears but remains intensely physical.

Phase 0.9 Research:
The artist residencies, including a series of exploratory performances for very small audiences, will take place in the 4DSOUND Studio at Warehouse Elementenstraat. Hidden in the industrial West of Amsterdam, it has been one of the most influential locations for club and techno culture in the Netherlands since the early ‘90s. Recently revived by Nachtlab Foundation, it has been turned into a new centre for night culture and electronic music.
The series commences 7-9th of May, with a residency from Buffalo, New York’s Mike Parker. A quiet but celebrated stalwart of the scene, Parker’s singularly powerful sound design evokes energetic movements across vast distances; waves of sonic elements pulse, reflect and vibrate before finally dissolving in the void.
The project continues 11-16th of May, with Korridor and Fjäder. The upcoming enigmatic Swedish producers have both gained praise for their ritualized and hypnotic approaches to tribal-infused ambient techno, gracing labels like Abdullah Rashim’s Northern Electronics and Dasha Rush’s Fullpanda Records.
From June 3-6th, renowned Spanish techno veteran Oscar Mulero will develop a spatial reinterpretation of his upcoming album ‘Muscle and Mind’ on Polegroup, dialing up both the sonic nuance of his work as a producer and uncompromising grit of his DJ performances.
Berlin-based duo Cassegrain, already fast cementing their place in the new wave of innovative artists to emerge from the city, will explore their characteristic construct of spatially sensitive psycho-techno from the 17- 20th June, reworking their debut album ‘Centres of Distraction’ on Prologue exclusively for 4DSOUND.
The initial research phase will draw to a close the first week of July 1-4th, in collaboration with Berlin label Fullpanda. Following the release of her new album ‘Sleepstep – Sonar Poems for My Sleepless Friends’ on Raster Noton, label head and deep techno experimentalist Dasha Rush will perform a new concept entitled ‘Synesthetic Auralia’, while emerging Manchester DJ and producer Stephanie Sykes will bring her deep and dark aesthetic to a live performance of new material developed for the project.
A very limited number of tickets for the exploratory performances will be made available, with full public performances planned later in the year. Watch out for project updates on the site, on our Facebook page and selected media.

Photo: Florence To
Project artwork: developed from experiments with three dimensional shapes in light by Blurboyz
Graphic design by Porcelin