Things are shaping up to be a very busy summer. After finishing a successful two month run with our experimental techno residency series Techno Is Space at the Warehouse Elementenstraat in Amsterdam, we have relocated to our new home in Hungary at the Art Quarter Budapest. We will be developing the location into a new global hub for research and development on spatial sound and immersive sonic environments – more news about that coming soon. For now, we have started to develop new productions in the space for our upcoming event programme, entitled 4DSOUND: Circadian.

4DSOUND: Circadian investigates how spatial listening influences conscious states throughout the day and night. The range of our perception, our conscious state, is determined by physiological changes in the brain. These changes are themselves subject to the rhythm that governs our wake-sleep cycle over 24 hours. These are the circadian rhythms, our internal body clock: physical, mental and behavioural changes influenced by levels of light and darkness, that guide our alertness throughout the day and mental processes, and dreams, throughout the night.

Together with a range of collaborators from the field of arts, technology and science, we investigate the nature of our conscious states and how understanding these states can lead to new interactive forms of art. We explore new ways how to physically connect the listeners with the surrounding space, by using bio-physical media, movement and psycho-acoustic stimulation. So when we listen spatially, we actually listen to ourselves, our feelings and state within – and through – space.

With a 24-hour programme consisting of sound and movement workshops, immersive sonic meditation, participative spatial performances, overnight collective dreamstate and inspirational lectures and talks, 4DSOUND seeks to embody the range of conscious states of the listener throughout the day, encouraging heightened awareness of the environment, deeper sense of mind-body connection, personal insight, creative expression, empathic sensitivity and social interaction.

The programme is part of our ongoing investigation into the role of sound in perception, outlined in our talk at CTM Festival in Berlin earlier this year, and the development of an Ecology of Listening: how the quality of our listening environment can refine and enhance our mental and physical state.

Premiering 24-27th of September in the Electriciteitsfabriek at TodaysArt 2015, the festival for contemporary art and music in The Hague, Netherlands, 4DSOUND: Circadian presents interdisciplinary work from a diverse set of artists – all created exclusively with and for 4DSOUND.


New York-based artist Lisa Park has developed a series of performances using biosensors (brainwave and heart-rate devices) as a vehicle for manifesting her inner states. Lisa’s recent works “Eunoia” and “Eunoia II” involved using a commercial brainwave (EEG) headset as a self-monitoring tool to measure her physical and psychological states. These performances obtained real-time feedback of her emotional reactions- an investigation into a new form of expression and trans-sensory experience by visually and audibly reflecting her inner states into tangible forms. For 4DSOUND: Circadian , Lisa will engage with participants in a new interactive performance that works with spatialised sound derived from neurofeedback, participant interaction and manipulation of physical space to explore boundaries of intimacy, fear and social connection.


Marco Donnarumma is a performance artist, sound artist, musician and writer whose work in the last six years has focused on how to configure human bodies and machines through sound. He uses biotechnologies, software algorithms and body sensors to create intensely physical performances, concerts and live installations. For 4DSOUND:Circadian, he challenges visitors with a visceral and communal ritual of sensory affection. 0:Infinity is an unstable and reactive architecture of infrasound vibrations, audible sounds and high-powered lights brought to life by and through the visitors’ bodies. The architecture grows, morphs and falls apart through time, space and frequency using biophysical signals and movement data from the visitors’ bodies. Using the Xth Sense, Donnarumma’s bio-wearable musical instrument, the inaudible sonic vibrations from the visitors’ hearts, blood flow and muscles are amplified and turned into tangible sonic material. A Ubisense location tracking system is used to make the architecture aware of the visitors’ positions and paths in space and thus morph according to the spatial relation between participants. The intimacy, or lack thereof, of the visitor’s encounters in space drives intense sonic and physical resonances. Human body parts and machine parts are configured into a total space of networked bodies.

Robert Jan Liethoff is a Berlin-based actor, dramaturgist and voice movement teacher. His work draws on aspects of voice physiology as a departure point for the development of sound-oriented bodywork. He is fascinated by the body’s own intelligence: his compositions often begin from the concept of a raw, or formless space-state, from where they begin to move towards clearer specific forms and structures. Robert will host a sound and movement class and lecture for 4DSOUND: Circadian inviting participants to explore a ‘physical’ listening practice, investigating how we perceive sound composition: what the body considers a ‘healthy’ sound texture, our ability to perceive sound internally as well as externally, and the influence this has on our spatial awareness- of space both internal and external, and the sense of physical self that emerges from this understanding.


Kazuya Nagaya is a Japanese artist who creates immersive, ritualised compositions through the use of bronze bells, gongs and singing bowls. Since releasing his first album ‘Utsuho’ in 1999, he has composed music for a range of projects, ranging from collaborations with Tibetan Buddhist monks to a remix for Plastikman. His performance for 4DSOUND will be a sonic immersion working with gong and beat tones tuned to specific frequencies, to induce deep meditative state.

Visual artist and art director Florence To creates light installations using the identity of first space, then sound, exploring the emotional depth of the audience’s perception. Her work with visual space translates how organized elements in architecture can create either tension or harmony in consideration of motion and adaption through live performance. Florence will collaborate with sound designer and 4DSOUND’s Creative Director, John Connell to present Noqturnl, an overnight audiovisual meditation exploring collective dreamstate. Noqturnl will take listeners through a series of ‘rooms’ as they drift between waking and dreaming states. Conveyed through shifting soundscapes, these rooms contain individual dream scenarios with distinct environments and moods, encounters and interactions. Beginning with a short meditation, Noqturnl offers participants the chance for self-reflection, processing of memories and perceived mental and physical blockages and, ultimately, a dialogue with non-ordinary states of self-awareness at a deeper level.


The programme at TodaysArt will also feature a showcase of our recent Artist Residency series Techno Is Space, where we explore the spatial forms and energetic movements present in techno. The performances highlight the integration of wearable tactile sound technology from SubPac with 4DSOUND’s spatial system. Veteran Spanish DJ and producer Oscar Mulero will perform a highly charged spatial reworking of his acclaimed album ‘Muscle and Mind’ on Pole Group, while Berlin-based duo Cassegrain delve further into the spatially sensitive psycho-techno of their powerful recent LP ‘Centres of Distraction’ on Prologue. Techno Is Space light design by Nikki Hock.

Further performances and artists will be announced, and there will be features on each of the productions and development process over the coming weeks.

Image credits from top: courtesy Lisa Park, courtesy Marco Donnarumma, Florence To, courtesy Kazuya Nagaya, Florence To, Jerry Knies, Reluct