As part of our presentation at ZKM’s GLOBALE programme from February 1st to March 13th 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany, we’re announcing an Open Call for artists to take part in our Artist Residency programme, and we invite musicians, sound artists, and creative coders to join our Spatial Sound Hacklab in co-operation with ZKMTU Berlin and UdK Berlin.

 In a programme featuring new live performances and installations from raster-noton artists as well as spatial re-interpretations from ZKM’s archives and beyond, 4DSOUND at GLOBALE ZKM explores the evolution of music, or organised sound, and how beliefs and ideas about space have shaped our understanding of sound, influencing musical aesthetics and artistic approaches.
We will ask: what is this ongoing lineage of the sonic exploration of space? What are the driving ideas and movements around sound and space that have shaped our present musical topography? What might spatial sound and immersive technologies open up for the future of sound exploration and new musical forms?  
With 4DSOUND as the instrument, we will explore a range of ideas and expressions concerned with the past, present and future of music.
We are now accepting submissions for the Spatial Sound Hacklab, taking place from 4th-7th February 2016, and we will select two applications for our Artist Residency programme running from 8th of February – 8th of March 2016, including public presentations on the 4DSOUND system at ZKM on the 4th and 5th of March.

For further information on the Hacklab submission (deadline December 12th):
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