Fresh from opening the Institute of Spatial Sound in Budapest, we can now announce our next major international presentation. 4DSOUND will present a programme of new artist residencies, interdisciplinary hacklab and artist panel discussions as part of ZKM Center for Art and Media’s GLOBALE programme, from 1st of February – 13th of March 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany.
Drawn from the title of Luciano Berio’s composition ‘Points on the curve to find…’ (1974), 4DSOUND: Points On The Curve explores the evolution of music, or organised sound, as a spectrum of creative forms. Throughout musical history, beliefs and ideas about space have shaped our understanding of the nature of sound, influencing the aesthetic of music and artistic parameters for expression with sound. Within the exploration of spatial sound, 4DSOUND represents a specific point of development, offering up new avenues in ways of expression and levels of awareness.
The programme will ask: what is this lineage of the sonic exploration of space? What has 4DSOUND been inspired by? Beyond this, what are the driving ideas and movements around sound and space that have shaped our present musical topography? What might spatial sound and immersive technologies open up for the future of sound exploration and new musical forms?
With 4DSOUND as the instrument, we explore a range of ideas and expressions that concern with the past, present and future of music.
We will develop spatial re-interpretations of key works from global music history that have defined our notion of space and sound, delving into ZKM’s extensive archives and beyond. As part of Performing Sound, Playing Technology, ZKM’s cooperation with TU and UdK Berlin, we will host a Spatial Sound Hack Lab exploring new instrumental approaches, performance tools and conceptual frameworks in working with spatial sound. There will be an Artist Residency Programme throughout February, presenting a new generation of sonic creators from around the world, that we expect will influence the musical landscape of tomorrow. The programme will also celebrate the landmark 20-year anniversary of Berlin’s experimental imprint Raster-Noton with installations and live-shows in 4DSOUND from some of the label’s artists.
It’s one of our most exciting programmes to date, and a fitting addition to GLOBALE’s critical exploration of the Exo-Evolution, the way artistic use of new technologies opens up our views to the future.
There will be a lot more news to follow in the coming weeks, including an Open Call to apply for the Hacklab and Artist Residencies.
More information on ZKM’s GLOBALE programme here