When we initially outlined the concept for our spatial techno residency series, we began with questions that we wanted to answer as producers and admirers of the sound ourselves. After two months of developing and hosting a diverse range of performances from some of the most forward-thinking artists in techno, we’ve enriched our insights into the psycho-acoustic nature of techno sound design and its impact on the listener, formulating new thoughts on what spatial sound might mean for the genre moving forward.
We’ve been experimenting with new control systems for intuitive live spatial sound performance and with integrating tactile stimuli in the experience using SubPac, as part of an ongoing drive into developing multi-sensory immersive experiences in 4DSOUND. We will present more of our findings about all of this soon, along with announcing full-scale presentations for 4DSOUND: Techno Is Space in the autumn.
The initial research phase of the project now draws to a close with a final residency in collaboration with Berlin label Fullpanda, an imprint that has been exploring hypnotically-charged techno for the last ten years.
Our program will feature Full Panda label head and deep techno experimentalist Dasha Rush alongside talented emerging Manchester DJ/Producer Stephanie Sykes. Following the release of Dasha’s new album ‘Sleepstep- Sonar Poems for my Sleepless Friends’ on Raster Noton, she will perform a new concept entitled ‘Synesthetic Auralia’, with Stephanie bringing her brooding aesthetic to a live performance of new material developed especially for 4DSOUND.
On July 4th at 21:00, Dasha and Stephanie will perform in the 4DSOUND Studio at Warehouse Elementenstraat, integrating wearable tactile bass technology from SubPac.
A very limited number of tickets will be made available by invitation only. If you would like to attend what will be the last instalment of Techno Is Space at the Warehouse, send us an email explaining why you’d like to attend to info@4dsound.net.
Light design by Nikki Hock.