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  • 48-50 Nagytétényi út
  • Budapest, Budapest, 1223
  • Hungary

At the end of November, The Spatial Sound institute invites you to an evening exploring the threshold between waking and dreaming. Visual artist Florence To and sound designer John Connell return for a new performance of NOQTURNL, their overnight meditation navigating sleep and dream.

Developed over the last two years with 4DSOUND’s Paul Oomen, NOQTURNL has been an evolving part of 4DSOUND’s creative direction. Guiding the audience into a state that drifts between waking and sleeping, Connell and To create a series of spatial ’rooms’ with subtle patterns of light and sonic textures that evolve overnight. Improvised and performed live, the sound-and light-scapes seek to open the 'threshold' hypnagogic state and even lucid dream, in which emotional response and creative association flourish. 

For this occasion To and Connell will be joined by Dasha Rush, who will open the night with ‘Prelude Nocturne’, an exclusive performance by the Russian artist exploring the expansive spatial realities within dream. An established producer, DJ and label head of Full Panda Recordings, Dasha’s electronic experimentalism draws on inspiration from the oblivion and timelessness of sleep, as heard in last year’s Raster Noton album ‘Sleepstep. Sonar Poems for My Sleepless Friends’, and her standout performance in 4DSOUND’s Techno Is Space series in Amsterdam.

The evening will begin at 11:30pm and continue until 7am, or first light, when the audience is invited to share a breakfast together in the space. For anyone interested in the meditative qualities of immersive sound, NOQTURNL is a rare communal experience inside the imaginative potential of our individual and shared dreams.

PRICES 7500 HUF / 25 EUR incl bedding and shared breakfast / excl booking costs 

Tickets available here 

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RSVP only - no tickets at the door. 

Beds and blankets provided. Please bring comfortable clothing and additional covers if preferred

To avoid distracting the other guests, entry will not be permitted after 12pm. Bar closes at 1am. 

'Landscapes, sequences, experiences ... The sound blends with your own essence in some other still unknown dimension, where there are no limits of thought which, for now, is relegated to the world of dreams.'

Under Magazine, NOQTURNL at TodaysArt im The Hague, September 2015