• ZKM (map)
  • University of Arts and Design (HfG); Atria 3-4
  • Karlsruhe
  • DE

As part of ZKM’s expansive GLOBALE programme, a 300-day festival exploring art in the globalised and digital age, 4DSOUND will present a new series of Artist Residencies and creative exchanges. Entitled Points On The Curve, the programme investigates landmark historical spatial compositions, whilst exploring new possibilities for musical forms and sound exploration using emerging spatial sound tools and technologies.

As part of 4DSOUND's Artist Residency series at GLOBALE,  ZKM and 4DSOUND will host a night with raster-noton in celebration of the pioneering Berlin imprint’s 20th anniversary on Friday 11th March. 

David L’atellier, a French musician better known under his moniker Kangding Ray, will perform new material developed during his residency on the system. L’atellier’s recent output such as the recent raster-noton album Cory Arcane defines new boundaries in industrial-influenced post-techno, crafting uncompromisingly physical music that draws on his background as a trained architect: defined sonic surfaces and planes dissolve and flicker into motion, conjuring at once bleak and yet emotionally intimate spaces.

4DSOUND also welcomes for the first time Japanese musician Kyoka. Inspired by her early experiments with tape compositions, the Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist works with synthesis and digital processing to create heavy-rough textures, creating broken pop-beats that are both experimental and danceable rhythms.

They will be joined by long-time 4DSOUND collaborator Frank Bretschneider, experimental minimalist composer and raster-noton co-founder. Bretschneider will continue his latest work Isolation, undertaking an auditive journey along the narrow edges between the inner and outer acoustic world. The work attempts to explore and interpret the impact of longtime sensory deprivation and how this environment changes the auditory perception of prisoners as well as such effects as perceptual disorders and tinnitus - an unexpected and unsettling exploration into sensorial space.


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