• Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG); Lichthof 3-4 (map)
  • Lorenzstraße 15
  • 76135 Karlsruhe
  • Germany

As part of ZKM’s expansive GLOBALE programme, a 300-day festival exploring art in the globalised and digital age, 4DSOUND will present a new series of Artist Residencies and creative exchanges. Entitled Points On The Curve, the programme investigates landmark historical spatial compositions, whilst exploring new possibilities for musical forms and sound exploration using emerging spatial sound tools and technologies.

On the 5th March, Berlin club night Janus resident M.E.S.H. will perform. The US sound artist and dancefloor experimentalist, who recently released his acclaimed album 'Piteous Gate' on PAN, will present a new concept in 4DSOUND. He will be joined by young Belgian sound designer and composer Koenraad Ecker, exploring how orientation-through-sound plays an essential role in regulating our instinctive emotions and responses: closeness, fear, protection and isolation, even feelings of warmth or coldness are influenced by the space we acoustically perceive ourselves to be in. Ecker arranges a spatial ecology of everyday objects recorded and processed in meticulous detail, creating strangely discomforting, even menacing relationships with the familiar at new levels of scale and intimacy.

The same night, there will be a rare opportunity to experience Edgar Varese’s seminal Poeme Electronique. Re-created and interpreted in 4DSOUND by Founder Paul Oomen, this is part of an initiative between 4DSOUND and ZKM to explore how modern technologies and approaches can bring new facets of key archival works to light, whilst suggesting new directions for composing within the medium moving forward.

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