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  • Hungary

4DSOUND: Reflections from the Inner Mirror investigates the body, the senses and consciousness through spatial listening.

Listening, in essence, provides us with an inner mirror. It is embodied experience - everything we hear is an event inside of us, something physical, vibration felt on the skin, in the tissues and cavities of the body. So when we are listening to space, we are listening to ourselves - we perceive our connectedness to the environment and other beings within it. 

With a programme of sonic acupuncture, social-sonic encounters and immersive sonic meditations, 4DSOUND: Reflections From The Inner Mirror presents provocative and unexpected ways of interaction with sound in space. Deeply exploratory and experimental, these forms make use of some of the most advanced sound technologies available at present, but also refer back to some of the oldest forms of cultural exchange with sound.

The programme is presented in collaboration with TEDxDanubia

PROGRAMME MAY 13TH, 13:00 - 23:00


13:00-22:00 Individual Pulse Reading Session by Michelle Lewis-King APPOINTMENT REQUIRED

13:00 Imagining The Hyperspace: Point by IOANN

13:30 Pulse Project: No 1 by Michelle Lewis-King

14:00 Imagining The Hyperspace: Line by IOANN

14:30 Pulse Project: No 2 by Michelle Lewis-King

15:00 Imagining The Hyperspace: Triangle by IOANN

15:30 The Sound Is The Scenery by Rona Geffen

16:15 Pulse Project: No 3 by Michelle Lewis-King

16:30 Imagining The Hyperspace: Tetrahedron by IOANN

17:15 Pulse Project: No 4 by Michelle Lewis-King

17:45 Imagining The Hyperspace: Cube by IOANN

18:15 Pulse Project: No 5 by Michelle Lewis-King

18:45 Imagining The Hyperspace: Pentatope by IOANN

19:15 Pulse Project: No 6 by Michelle Lewis-King

19:45 Imagining The Hyperspace: Tesseract by IOANN

20:15   The Sound Is The Scenery by Rona Geffen

21:00 Pulse Project: No 7 by Michelle Lewis-King

21:30 Imagining The Hyperspace: Orthoplex by IOANN

22:00 Pulse Project: No 8 by Michelle Lewis-King

22:30 Imagining The Hyperspace: Octaplex by IOANN

BAR OPEN FROM 12:00-00:00

VEGAN FOOD at the bar from 16:00-21:00 RESERVATION REQUIRED



Please send your registration for the programme to RSVP@4DSOUND.NET. Notify with your registration if you’d like to reserve a vegan meal, and/or if you’d like to apply for an individual pulse reading appointment with Michelle Lewis-King.


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