• MONOM at Funkhaus Berlin (map)
  • 18-50 Nalepastraße
  • Berlin, Berlin, 12459
  • Germany

As part of the programme Transcend the Turmoil, MONOM, CTM and the Spatial Sound Institute present Imagining the Hyperspace by Russian sound artist and researcher IOANN, to take place at MONOM at Funkhaus Berlin during four consecutive night from Tuesday 30th January - Friday 2nd February starting 19:00 PM

"What is space, actually? How do we know what we perceive is the real world, rather than a shadow theatre, the projection of something more complex that surpasses our ordinary renditions of perception? Can we understand space with more than three dimensions? How can we listen to 4-dimensional sound?"

These are some of the central questions in the work 'Imagining The Hyperspace': a monumental exploration of complex multidimensional structures and geometrical concepts. For CTM Festival 2018, the artist will present four live performances of 4-dimensional sound structures, one on each consecutive night of the programme: Orthoplex, Pentatope, Tesseract and Octaplex. 

‘Imagining The Hyperspace’ invites to explore space beyond our ordinary perception, to discover what else is inherent to human nature and how we are able to evolve consciousness - using sound to attain a deeper awareness of space and its multidimensional character.

Imagining the Hyperspace will be presented alongside world-premiere performances on the 4DSOUND system by GAIKAPan DaijingFIS, and TCF.







IOANN is the current artist project of Ivan Sapozhkov, born in Tyumen, Western-Siberia, Russia. Graduated from the department of Philology at the Tyumen State University in 2006,  his musical career spans from his early childhood classical music training up to Sapozhkov founding his first rock- and metal groups in the early 2000s. For several years he toured as vocalist and guitarist with Russian mystic-metal band «Molot vediM» and released the worldwide acclaimed studio album ‘Asylum’ in 2004. Since 2006, He began to experiment with forms of electronic sound and virtual instruments, working in the field of experimental sound, film and theatre as a composer and musician. In 2014, Sapozhkov founded his experimental sound studio and label ‘Negativespace’. 

Since November 2016 he has been Artist-in-Residence at the Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest, Hungary, where he continues his research into the perception and spatial projection of multidimensional sound structures.