Points On The Curve at GLOBALE ZKM

Points On The Curve at GLOBALE ZKM

As part of ZKM Karlsruhe’s expansive GLOBALE programme an ambitious 300-day festival exploring art in the globalised and digital age, 4DSOUND will present a new series of Artist Residencies and creative exchanges.

Drawn from the title of Luciano Berio’s composition ‘Points on the curve to find…’ (1974), 4DSOUND: Points On The Curve investigates landmark historical spatial compositions, whilst exploring new possibilities for musical forms and sound exploration using emerging spatial sound tools and technologies.

With 4DSOUND as the instrument, we explore a range of ideas and expressions that concern with the past, present and future of music. The programme includes a multi-disciplinary Spatial Sound Hacklab, four new Artist Residencies, an artist presentation and discussion session, presentation and interpretation of spatial compositions by pioneeering modern composers Edgar Varese and Iannis Xenakis, and a showcase with experimental Berlin imprint raster-noton in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

Performing Artists: Cristian Vogel, M.E.S.H., Kangding Ray, Frank Bretschneider, Koenraad Ecker, Kyoka, Alyssa Moxley, Paul Oomen

Featuring work by: Edgar Varese, Iannis Xenakis

Artistic Team (4DSOUND): John Connell, Paul Oomen

Event Producer (4DSOUND): Gratia Napier

Technical Engineers (4DSOUND): Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

ZKM Artistic and Production Team: Marie-Kristin Meier, Ludger Brummer, Luise Wiesenmueller

Photography: Béla Bender, Felix Grünschloß, Harald Voelkl, Luise Wiesenmueller and Onuk.


Spatial Sound Institute: Sound Exhibition

Spatial Sound Institute: Sound Exhibition

4DSOUND inaugurated the opening of our new permanent facility, the Spatial Sound Institute, at Art Quarter Budapest with a two-day sound exhibition including live-shows and lectures, in collaboration with the CAFe Contemporary Art Festival Budapest

The Spatial Sound Institute is a new centre for research and development in the fields of spatial sound and immersive sonic environments with a large-scale spatial sound studio, presentation venue, project space and twenty residencies. A core area of focus at the Institute is the relationship between sound, spatial awareness and perception, and emerging applications for new cultural artworks, social interaction and expression.

The exhibition formed a retrospective of works created especially for 4DSOUND during the past four years, by a range of artistic collaborators from the field of music, visual art and immersive technologies. The event was also the premiere showing of 4DSOUND in Hungary, drawing in features on three national TV channels, an architectural review, and interviews with international culture publications. 



Client: CAFe Budapest

Location: Art Quarter Budapest 

Performing Artists: Gábor Lázár, Marcel Wierckx, Frank Bretschneider, John Connell and Florence To

Featured Works: Max Cooper, Murcof, Marco Ciciliani,  Salvador Breed, Thomas Vaquié, Marco Donnarumma, Paul Oomen

Talks and Lectures: Paul Oomen, Robert Jan Liethoff and John Connell

Partners: AQB, CAFe Budapest

Circadian at TodaysArt

Circadian at TodaysArt

4DSOUND: Circadian investigates how spatial listening influences conscious states throughout the day and night. The range of our perception, our conscious state, is determined by physiological changes in the brain. These changes are themselves subject to the rhythm that governs our wake-sleep cycle over 24 hours. These are the circadian rhythms, our internal body clock: physical, mental and behavioural changes influenced by levels of light and darkness, that guide our alertness throughout the day and mental processes, and dreams, throughout the night.
Together with a range of collaborators from the field of arts, technology and science, we investigate the nature of our conscious states and how understanding these states can lead to new interactive forms of art. We explore new ways how to physically connect the listeners with the surrounding space, by using bio-physical media, movement and psycho-acoustic stimulation. So when we listen spatially, we actually listen to ourselves, our feelings and state within – and through – space.
With a 24-hour programme consisting of sound and movement workshops, immersive sonic meditation, participative spatial performances, overnight collective dreamstate and inspirational lectures and talks, 4DSOUND seeks to embody the range of conscious states of the listener throughout the day, encouraging heightened awareness of the environment, deeper sense of mind-body connection, personal insight, creative expression, empathic sensitivity and social interaction.
The programme is part of our ongoing investigation into the role of sound in perception, outlined in our talk at CTM Festival 2015 in Berlin, and the development of an Ecology of Listening: how the quality of our listening environment can refine and enhance our mental and physical state.
Circadian premiered 24-27th of September in the Electriciteitsfabriek at TodaysArt 2015, the festival for contemporary art and music in The Hague, Netherlands. 

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Client: TodaysArt

Performing Artists: Lisa Park, Marco Donnarumma, Kazuya Nagaya, John Connell and Florence To, Michelle Lewis-King, Robert Jan Liethoff, Salvador Breed, Stijn van Beek

4DSOUND Artistic Team: Paul Oomen, John Connell

TodaysArt Production: Liesje de Jager, Kwinton Vissers, Galina Bartelds

4DSOUND Production: Gratia Napier

Photography and Videography: Georg Schroll, Fanni Fazakas, Tanja Busking

4DSOUND Technical Engineers: Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

Lighting Design: Nikki Hock (Marco Donnarumma's 0:Infinity and Techno Is Space), Jurlights

TodaysArt Artistic Team: Tim Terpstra, Olof van Winden, Gwyneth Wentink

PartnersXth SenseSubPac



NOQTURNL is an audiovisual meditation exploring collective dreamstate. A collaboration between visual artist Florence To and 4DSOUND Creative Director and sound designer John Connell, NOQTURNL works with a form of extended hypnagogic state, taking the participants through a series of 'rooms' and spaces while they drift between waking and sleeping over seven hours.

Constructed through patterns of light and soundscapes, layered tones and sonic textures, the performances evolve in unique directions each night, guided by a very subtle energetic interaction between the audience, Connell and To. 

Slow, pulse-driven musical constructs, vast landscapes of sound and visual patterns develop over hours as the listener drifts in and out of sleep, blurring the boundaries between dream environment and physical space: in doing so, allowing conscious access to the vivid, intuitive imagery and sensation within the borders of dream experience.

A project 2 years in the making, the insight for NOQTURNL as a  performance playing between the boundary of waking sleeping emerged while To and Connell worked overnight in the 4DSOUND studio in Amsterdam with founder Paul Oomen, as experiencing different sound and light patterns in this state invited a highly receptive and imaginative response from the mind.

NOQTURNL premiered as part of the Circadian programme at TodaysArt 2015, The Hague in the cavernous Electriciteitsfabriek, with further performances during the opening weekend of the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest.



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Performing Artists: John Connell and Florence To

Artistic Team: Paul Oomen

Technical Engineers: Poul Holleman and Luc van Weelden

Photography and Videography: Georg Schroll, Fanni Fazakas and Florence To

Thanks to Robert Jan Liethoff for additional input

Sound Design recorded at Handwerk Audio, Berlin

Techno Is Space at Warehouse Elementenstraat

Techno Is Space at Warehouse Elementenstraat

Techno Is Space explores the spatial forms and energetic movements within techno through a series of experimental techno artist residencies. With an initial research phase spanning from May to July 2015, 4DSOUND worked with artists such as Mike Parker, Oscar Mulero and Dasha Rush to deconstruct their signature sound and consider new possibilities enabled by spatial definition and control in 4DSOUND. Beyond creating techno with an advanced spatial dimension, we were interested in looking at new control and sensory interfaces that would emerge from the dynamic context of live/DJ culture.

Developed with the artists over four day residencies between May and beginning of July, the experimental performances were presented to groups of around forty invitees at our former home, the Warehouse Elementenstraat, one of the most influential spaces for club culture in the 90s, recently revived by the Nachtlab Foundation as a centre for creative nightlife culture.

Integrating SubPac's M1 wearable bass technology, the performances brought a nuanced physicality through the low frequencies without being damagingly loud, or impinging on the spatial nuance of the sound design in the higher frequency range, as is inevitable in a conventional club sound setup. 

Working with a prototype touchscreen controller to streamline the huge range of control parameters in the 4DSOUND environment, artists could construct the framework of a set in less time, and play with key spatio-temporal attributes both in production and during their sets: reverbs, delays, spatial movement paths, dimensions of individual sound sources and on-the-fly looping, providing a hybrid spatial DJ-production tool.

The lighting concept, designed by young Dutch artist Nikki Hock, created a field of light using a perimeter ring of LED strips and thick smoke. Shifting slowly over time, the field of colour would pulse and flicker, creating a disorientating, glow, a sense of empty space. 

Performances by Oscar Mulero and Cassegrain were reprised in full public performances at 4DSOUND's programme during TodaysArt in The Hague, September 2015. 

'Some of Oscar's tracks... seemed to unravel themselves almost organically, as the kicks and hi-hats fluttered through the room, hitting you at various different heights and angles.

- Resident Advisor

Because of the omnidirectional speakers of the 4DSOUND system, it feels as if you can almost touch the sound” 

- De Volkskrant



Performing Artists: Mike Parker, Fjäder, Korridor, Oscar Mulero, Cassegrain, Dasha Rush, Stephanie Sykes

Light Design: Nikki Hock

Artistic Team: John Connell, Paul Oomen

Technical Engineers: Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

Promotion: Bas de Beer

Event Location: Warehouse Elementenstraat, NL

Partners: SubPac, Warehouse Elementenstraat, TodaysArt

ADE Sound Academy

ADE Sound Academy

In 2014, Amsterdam Dance Event collaborated once again with 4DSOUND on a special programme called ADE Sound Academy, focussing on the presentation and development of inspiring new settings in music, technology and art. The program me consisted of an extensive 5-day schedule of varied masterclasses, hands-on workshops and live performances on the 4DSOUND system, involving a variety of internationally respected artists, creators and thinkers.

Central to the 5-day programme was the Spatial Sound Hack Lab, hosted by 4DSOUND, CDM, Ableton, and Liine. 25 participants were selected to take part in the programme, and follow a series of public panels and workshops aimed at creating discussion and interaction around spatial sound and immersive environments. Makers, coders and hackers – alongside internationally established artists – participated in exploring the 4DSOUND system, culminating in new and exciting experiments in sound, music and performance.

As the core of the ADE Sound Academy the 4DSOUND programme represented two things.
Firstly, it was the culmination of our artist showcases over the year, spanning from high-concept spatial sound art from legendary experimentalist Vladislav Delay and the definitive minimalist aesthetic of Berlin-based Raster-Noton imprint, through to hugely popular performances from long-term 4DSOUND collaborators like Max Cooper, with his complex and emotively charged sonic sculptures, and the dynamic, intuitive and spatially expansive club performances from Stimming.
Secondly, it was the beginning for 4DSOUND to start exploring exciting new areas around space and sound in a more interactive way- such as evolved listening culture, audience participation, and new musical interfaces to name but a few. These explorations emerged in the artist performances, were presented and discussed in our masterclass series, and ended up hacked, mashed-up, tinkered-with and finally demonstrated at the frantic – but fun – Spatial Sound Hack Lab.

It’s difficult to explain the effect in words, but when used properly, it allows artists to create a rich, constantly moving and evolving piece that not only sounds amazing, but also comes much closer to what sounds are like in the real world.’
 - XLR8R

‘Apocalyptically mind-blowing

Client: Amsterdam Dance Event

Location: Compagnietheater Amsterdam

Performing Artists: Max Cooper, Robert Lippok & Peter Kirn, Frank Bretschneider, Grischa Lichtenberger, Senking, Vladislav Delay, Stimming

Talks and Lectures: Paul Oomen, Max Cooper, Robert Lippok, Peter Kirn, Martin Stimming

Artistic Direction: Paul Oomen, John Connell

Producers: Marie-Christine Volkers, Paul Oomen [4DSOUND]

Technical Engineers: Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

Partners: ADE, CDM, Ableton, Liine, Fiber, Compagnietheater

Berlin Atonal

Berlin Atonal

For the 2014 edition of their festival, Berlin Atonal hosted a 4DSOUND stage on the ground floor of the vast industrial space of Kraftwerk Berlin, the city's former powerplant. 

The four-day long festival opened its programme each night with a special 4DSOUND curated showcase, including the premiere of a spatial sound set by raster-noton's Senking alongside the acclaimed performances by 4DSOUND's past residents Biosphere and Murcof, which debuted at our former studio in Amsterdam earlier in 2014.

The 4DSOUND stage was also used during the daytime as part of the festival's installation programme, for which French sound designer and composer Thomas Vaquié was commissioned to create a new site-specific work, specifically staging his subtly crafted sounds within Kraftwerk's monstrous halls and utilizing its engrossing spacious acoustics.

Creating an immersive spatial sound environment within the setting of the powerplant, hearing sounds bouncing against distant concrete walls and surfaces and moving seemingly all around the building with its two-hundred-thousand cubic meters of hollow space, enabled a howling, haunting experience that left a lasting impression on visitors who encountered 4DSOUND for the first time.


Client: Berlin Atonal

Location: Kraftwerk Berlin

Performing Artists: Murcof, Biosphere, Senking, Thomas Vaquié

Artistic Direction: Paul Oomen 

Producers: Harry Glass, Laurens Von Oswald, Paolo Reachi [Berlin Atonal], Sjors Dobbelaar [4DSOUND]

Technical Engineers: Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

Photography: Camille Blake


ZERO at Fashion Week Netherlands

ZERO at Fashion Week Netherlands

For the opening of Fashion Week Netherlands 2014, 4DSOUND collaborated with choreographer Nanine Linning to create a spatial composition for her stunning performance ZERO. Working with costume created by reknowned couture designer, Iris van Herpen, ZERO blends hypnotic spatial sound by Dutch sound designer Salvador Breed with video projection, Linning's dance and the spectacle of van Herpen's arresting design.

Dancers moved through the audience, interacting with physical shapes of sound that emerge in space. Shadows of music by Joseph Haydn, Arvo Pärt and Philip Glass hover in between the audience like phantoms, creating a deeply immersive experience.

'ZERO made the opening the opening of the 21st edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam an inspiring experience'


 'Using the 4DSOUND system, Breed managed to surround visitors with his sounds, creating an intense and almost hypnotic experience. When the dancers started moving across the runway -often as groups and sometimes as couples- the emotion in the room was palpable'

A Shaded View on Fashion





Client: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Netherlands

Location: Gashouder Amsterdam

Artistic Team: Nanine Linning, Iris van Herpen, Salvador Breed

Producers: Holly Syrett [Fashion Week], Sjors Dobbelaar [4DSOUND], Wim Haveman

Technical Engineers: Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

Technical Partners: Jurlights

Blown Away with Rotterdam Philarmonic Orchestra

Blown Away with Rotterdam Philarmonic Orchestra

On November 16th, 4DSOUND hosted at the main stage of Blown Away, a one day festival in the port of Rotterdam.

4DSOUND collaborated with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra on a series of spatial interpretations of orchestral works from the classical-romantic repertoire. The aim was to create an experience that would engage listeners with the orchestra in various new ways – by extending the experience of classical compositions with a spatial listening dimension, creating musical encounters between the orchestra and electronic musicians, and processing the sound palette of the orchestra into generative spatial sound sculptures.

4DSOUND created a installative sound work using rich sound world from Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony ‘Pathetique’ and transforming the material it into an organically evolving sound landscape. The orchestra performed works from the classical repertoire by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Shostakovich in live spatial sound arrangements on the 4DSOUND system

The 4DSOUND system hosted two musical encounters between the orchestra and electronic acts Stimming and Secret Cinema. Martin Stimming spatially rearranged his orchestral composition ‘November Morning’ while Secret Cinema created a new accompanying spatial sound score with the orchestral work ‘Dark Waves’ by composer John Adams. A further line-up of electronic live acts such as Eelke Kleijn, Stimming and Egbert were spatially extended with the 4DSOUND system.


A unique sound experience… the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra with the sounds of Secret Cinema and the 4DSOUND System was an exciting combination.


A surreal and individualistic experience… In effect you can have a wave of sound bombard the audience, or have discrete elements of the song, such as harmonies or melodies hidden in corners of the dancefloor, and dancing around the space. This led to a realisation that everyone on the floor was listening to a different composition of sounds…

- 365 Mag

Client: Nachtwerk

Location: Onderzeebootloods Rotterdam

Performing Artists: Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Martin Stimming, Eelke Kleijn, Secret Cinema, Egbert

Featured Works: Pjotr Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Dimitri Shostakovich, John Adams, Paul Oomen & Salvador Breed

Artistic Team: Paul Oomen, Salvador Breed

Producer: Peter Kan [Nachtwerk], Jos Rek [4DSOUND], Wim Haveman

Technical Engineer: Poul Holleman

Technical Partner: AMPCO | Flashlight

Chanel Paris

Chanel Paris

In 2013, Chanel commissioned 4DSOUND to install a permanent spatial sound system at the Chanel Studio in Paris, France. An 8.1 omnidirectional sound setup has been custom tailored to the size and acoustics of their studio space. The system is used by Chanel to provide internal presentations of their new collections with full spatial sound design capabilities.

The possibility to have hyper-real, theme-focussed sound scenographies for these presentations made Chanel decide to work with 4DSOUND. Our dedicated playback software enables Chanel to play multi-channel recordings like any MP3 player – which makes it possible to easily deliver 4DSOUND mixes into their system.

In November 2013 4DSOUND's creative developer Salvador Breed inaugurated the system in the presence of Karl Lagerfeld, and created a dedicated spatial sound design for the presentation of the 'Chanel Shopping Center' collection.


Client: Chanel Paris

Project Management: Salvador Breed, Jos Rek

Technical Realisation: Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

Contractors: Bloomline Acoustics

Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event

For the 2012 edition of their world renowned electronic music conference and festival, Amsterdam Dance Event hosted the premiere presentation of the 4DSOUND system.

In the foyer of the prestigious Muziekgebouw aan het IJ looking out over the city of Amsterdam, 4DSOUND provided a day-long conference around the brand new spatial sound system for an international delegation of professionals in the field of pro-audio, electronic music and interactive media, including discussion of omnidirectional speaker technology by Bloomline Acoustics, new insights in spatial sound interface technology with Liine and demonstration real-time position tracking technology by Ubisense.

The day-long programme culminated in a series of premiere live-acts by Peter van Hoesen, Marco Ciciliani and Qindek, exploring the new possibilities of 4DSOUND in the context of electronic music composition, techno sound design and club performance.

 “Breathtaking! Sound does not come from somewhere, but the sound is from beneath to above; in circles, and as a flock of birds through the sky. The enjoyment is amazing.

 “A revolutionary design… A unique listening experience… It can offer extraordinary new possibilities for composers – from classical to techno – to make their music sound in space.
AV Entertainment

The 4DSOUND installation offered a new sonic experience. The sixteen speaker columns in the entry of the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ immersed the audience from up, down, and around with electronic music…
- De Volkskrant


Client: Amsterdam Dance Event

Where: Muziekgebouw aan het IJ Amsterdam

Performing Artists: Peter van Hoesen, Marco Ciciliani, Qindek

Talks and Lectures: Paul Oomen, Leo de Klerk, Salvador Breed, Gareth Williams, Kevin Walton

Curation and Direction: Paul Oomen [4DSOUND], Shane Burmania [Muziekgebouw aan het IJ]

Curation and Direction: Paul Oomen

Technical Engineers: Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

Partners: Bloomline Acoustics, Liine, Ubisense

Nikola at Voi-Z Festival

Nikola at Voi-Z Festival

Nikola is a five-hour experience where opera encounters techno. Vocal scenes emerge from within the audience, alternating with DJ sets for the 4DSOUND system, creating a completely new immersive environment that transcends the border between the club and theatrical space.

The inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was visionary of a world that possesses absolute communication. A world without borders between here or there, then or now - everybody is in contact. In this opera we experience being inside of Nikola Tesla's head, - lost in a world of sounds, voices and information.

Nikola is a location piece, where actors and spectators meet and share the same space. The opera emerges from within a techno party - small performances in space grow into dramatic scenes as the night evolves. This real-time setting becomes the stage where Nikola encounters the world around him, whether as memories from the past, voices from the future or physical audience in the here and now.

Sounds and voices appear anywhere in space, moving around, above, beneath and in between the audience. The audience is not only listening to a performance, but is present in a transforming spatial environment of sound. The music turns into a virtual space, enabling the audience to choose their own paths and create personal interaction.

Nikola is the first opera composed in 4DSOUND and has been commissioned by Voi-Z Festival 2012.

Clients: Voi-Z Festival

Locations: Theater Odeon de Spiegel Zwolle, Muziekgebouw aan het IJ Amsterdam, 4DSOUND Studio Amsterdam

Artistic Team: Paul Oomen, Ruben van Gogh, Sjaron Minailo, Krystian Lada, Maarten Warmerdam, Collective 33 1/3

Performing Artists: Kevin Walton, Harm Huson, Reut Rivka Shabi, Peter Schoenaker, Anat Spiegel, Amsterdam Student Choir, Salvador Breed, Thomas Lauren, Roy El Kei, Thomas Mugagga

Producers: Michael de Roo [Voi-Z], Paul Oomen [4DSOUND], Wim Haveman

Technical Engineers: Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

Stage Construction: Aad Licht [MAV Techniek] Jos Rek

Contractors: MAV Techniek, Bloomline Acoustics, One/One, Ubisense