For the 2012 edition of their world renowned electronic music conference and festival, Amsterdam Dance Event hosted the premiere presentation of the 4DSOUND system.

In the foyer of the prestigious Muziekgebouw aan het IJ looking out over the city of Amsterdam, 4DSOUND provided a day-long conference around the brand new spatial sound system for an international delegation of professionals in the field of pro-audio, electronic music and interactive media, including discussion of omnidirectional speaker technology by Bloomline Acoustics, new insights in spatial sound interface technology with Liine and demonstration real-time position tracking technology by Ubisense.

The day-long programme culminated in a series of premiere live-acts by Peter van Hoesen, Marco Ciciliani and Qindek, exploring the new possibilities of 4DSOUND in the context of electronic music composition, techno sound design and club performance.

 “Breathtaking! Sound does not come from somewhere, but the sound is from beneath to above; in circles, and as a flock of birds through the sky. The enjoyment is amazing.

 “A revolutionary design… A unique listening experience… It can offer extraordinary new possibilities for composers – from classical to techno – to make their music sound in space.
AV Entertainment

The 4DSOUND installation offered a new sonic experience. The sixteen speaker columns in the entry of the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ immersed the audience from up, down, and around with electronic music…
- De Volkskrant


Client: Amsterdam Dance Event

Where: Muziekgebouw aan het IJ Amsterdam

Performing Artists: Peter van Hoesen, Marco Ciciliani, Qindek

Talks and Lectures: Paul Oomen, Leo de Klerk, Salvador Breed, Gareth Williams, Kevin Walton

Curation and Direction: Paul Oomen [4DSOUND], Shane Burmania [Muziekgebouw aan het IJ]

Curation and Direction: Paul Oomen

Technical Engineers: Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

Partners: Bloomline Acoustics, Liine, Ubisense