On November 16th, 4DSOUND hosted at the main stage of Blown Away, a one day festival in the port of Rotterdam.

4DSOUND collaborated with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra on a series of spatial interpretations of orchestral works from the classical-romantic repertoire. The aim was to create an experience that would engage listeners with the orchestra in various new ways – by extending the experience of classical compositions with a spatial listening dimension, creating musical encounters between the orchestra and electronic musicians, and processing the sound palette of the orchestra into generative spatial sound sculptures.

4DSOUND created a installative sound work using rich sound world from Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony ‘Pathetique’ and transforming the material it into an organically evolving sound landscape. The orchestra performed works from the classical repertoire by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Shostakovich in live spatial sound arrangements on the 4DSOUND system

The 4DSOUND system hosted two musical encounters between the orchestra and electronic acts Stimming and Secret Cinema. Martin Stimming spatially rearranged his orchestral composition ‘November Morning’ while Secret Cinema created a new accompanying spatial sound score with the orchestral work ‘Dark Waves’ by composer John Adams. A further line-up of electronic live acts such as Eelke Kleijn, Stimming and Egbert were spatially extended with the 4DSOUND system.


A unique sound experience… the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra with the sounds of Secret Cinema and the 4DSOUND System was an exciting combination.


A surreal and individualistic experience… In effect you can have a wave of sound bombard the audience, or have discrete elements of the song, such as harmonies or melodies hidden in corners of the dancefloor, and dancing around the space. This led to a realisation that everyone on the floor was listening to a different composition of sounds…

- 365 Mag

Client: Nachtwerk

Location: Onderzeebootloods Rotterdam

Performing Artists: Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Martin Stimming, Eelke Kleijn, Secret Cinema, Egbert

Featured Works: Pjotr Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Dimitri Shostakovich, John Adams, Paul Oomen & Salvador Breed

Artistic Team: Paul Oomen, Salvador Breed

Producer: Peter Kan [Nachtwerk], Jos Rek [4DSOUND], Wim Haveman

Technical Engineer: Poul Holleman

Technical Partner: AMPCO | Flashlight