4DSOUND: Circadian investigates how spatial listening influences conscious states throughout the day and night. The range of our perception, our conscious state, is determined by physiological changes in the brain. These changes are themselves subject to the rhythm that governs our wake-sleep cycle over 24 hours. These are the circadian rhythms, our internal body clock: physical, mental and behavioural changes influenced by levels of light and darkness, that guide our alertness throughout the day and mental processes, and dreams, throughout the night.
Together with a range of collaborators from the field of arts, technology and science, we investigate the nature of our conscious states and how understanding these states can lead to new interactive forms of art. We explore new ways how to physically connect the listeners with the surrounding space, by using bio-physical media, movement and psycho-acoustic stimulation. So when we listen spatially, we actually listen to ourselves, our feelings and state within – and through – space.
With a 24-hour programme consisting of sound and movement workshops, immersive sonic meditation, participative spatial performances, overnight collective dreamstate and inspirational lectures and talks, 4DSOUND seeks to embody the range of conscious states of the listener throughout the day, encouraging heightened awareness of the environment, deeper sense of mind-body connection, personal insight, creative expression, empathic sensitivity and social interaction.
The programme is part of our ongoing investigation into the role of sound in perception, outlined in our talk at CTM Festival 2015 in Berlin, and the development of an Ecology of Listening: how the quality of our listening environment can refine and enhance our mental and physical state.
Circadian premiered 24-27th of September in the Electriciteitsfabriek at TodaysArt 2015, the festival for contemporary art and music in The Hague, Netherlands. 

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Client: TodaysArt

Performing Artists: Lisa Park, Marco Donnarumma, Kazuya Nagaya, John Connell and Florence To, Michelle Lewis-King, Robert Jan Liethoff, Salvador Breed, Stijn van Beek

4DSOUND Artistic Team: Paul Oomen, John Connell

TodaysArt Production: Liesje de Jager, Kwinton Vissers, Galina Bartelds

4DSOUND Production: Gratia Napier

Photography and Videography: Georg Schroll, Fanni Fazakas, Tanja Busking

4DSOUND Technical Engineers: Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

Lighting Design: Nikki Hock (Marco Donnarumma's 0:Infinity and Techno Is Space), Jurlights

TodaysArt Artistic Team: Tim Terpstra, Olof van Winden, Gwyneth Wentink

PartnersXth SenseSubPac