4DSOUND inaugurated the opening of our new permanent facility, the Spatial Sound Institute, at Art Quarter Budapest with a two-day sound exhibition including live-shows and lectures, in collaboration with the CAFe Contemporary Art Festival Budapest

The Spatial Sound Institute is a new centre for research and development in the fields of spatial sound and immersive sonic environments with a large-scale spatial sound studio, presentation venue, project space and twenty residencies. A core area of focus at the Institute is the relationship between sound, spatial awareness and perception, and emerging applications for new cultural artworks, social interaction and expression.

The exhibition formed a retrospective of works created especially for 4DSOUND during the past four years, by a range of artistic collaborators from the field of music, visual art and immersive technologies. The event was also the premiere showing of 4DSOUND in Hungary, drawing in features on three national TV channels, an architectural review, and interviews with international culture publications. 



Client: CAFe Budapest

Location: Art Quarter Budapest 

Performing Artists: Gábor Lázár, Marcel Wierckx, Frank Bretschneider, John Connell and Florence To

Featured Works: Max Cooper, Murcof, Marco Ciciliani,  Salvador Breed, Thomas Vaquié, Marco Donnarumma, Paul Oomen

Talks and Lectures: Paul Oomen, Robert Jan Liethoff and John Connell

Partners: AQB, CAFe Budapest