Techno Is Space explores the spatial forms and energetic movements within techno through a series of experimental techno artist residencies. With an initial research phase spanning from May to July 2015, 4DSOUND worked with artists such as Mike Parker, Oscar Mulero and Dasha Rush to deconstruct their signature sound and consider new possibilities enabled by spatial definition and control in 4DSOUND. Beyond creating techno with an advanced spatial dimension, we were interested in looking at new control and sensory interfaces that would emerge from the dynamic context of live/DJ culture.

Developed with the artists over four day residencies between May and beginning of July, the experimental performances were presented to groups of around forty invitees at our former home, the Warehouse Elementenstraat, one of the most influential spaces for club culture in the 90s, recently revived by the Nachtlab Foundation as a centre for creative nightlife culture.

Integrating SubPac's M1 wearable bass technology, the performances brought a nuanced physicality through the low frequencies without being damagingly loud, or impinging on the spatial nuance of the sound design in the higher frequency range, as is inevitable in a conventional club sound setup. 

Working with a prototype touchscreen controller to streamline the huge range of control parameters in the 4DSOUND environment, artists could construct the framework of a set in less time, and play with key spatio-temporal attributes both in production and during their sets: reverbs, delays, spatial movement paths, dimensions of individual sound sources and on-the-fly looping, providing a hybrid spatial DJ-production tool.

The lighting concept, designed by young Dutch artist Nikki Hock, created a field of light using a perimeter ring of LED strips and thick smoke. Shifting slowly over time, the field of colour would pulse and flicker, creating a disorientating, glow, a sense of empty space. 

Performances by Oscar Mulero and Cassegrain were reprised in full public performances at 4DSOUND's programme during TodaysArt in The Hague, September 2015. 

'Some of Oscar's tracks... seemed to unravel themselves almost organically, as the kicks and hi-hats fluttered through the room, hitting you at various different heights and angles.

- Resident Advisor

Because of the omnidirectional speakers of the 4DSOUND system, it feels as if you can almost touch the sound” 

- De Volkskrant



Performing Artists: Mike Parker, Fjäder, Korridor, Oscar Mulero, Cassegrain, Dasha Rush, Stephanie Sykes

Light Design: Nikki Hock

Artistic Team: John Connell, Paul Oomen

Technical Engineers: Poul Holleman, Luc van Weelden

Promotion: Bas de Beer

Event Location: Warehouse Elementenstraat, NL

Partners: SubPac, Warehouse Elementenstraat, TodaysArt