'It feels something has to die in me. Also, a piece of me has already died. Balancing somewhere between the light and the dark I sense it is high time facing death and what lies behind. But what is death's reality? I want to grasp the spirit of darkness to realize its substance. Besides, there is an even nascent entity that tempts me. It glimpses gently in the shadow. I need to get in touch with it. My invitation stands for a discovery into an undiscovered. Come in and open up to those secret places if you are ready to interplay within'

Konopas collects, connects and layers a variety of sound ingredients allowing them to interactively communicate and to become a new entity. The moving audience can meet the sonification of space. How can one realize space within sound? How can one interact and influence these sounds in space? These are the essential questions Konopas is exploring during her Artist-in-Residence at 4DSOUND.

Judit Emese Konopas got in touch with the meaning of space from an early age as she finished her degrees as an architect. She has gained her experience in various architect and interior design offices in London and in Budapest. She was awarded not only for her architectural, but for her photography works as well. Her works - which are primarily based on interaction, communication and juxtaposition, - were presented in several exhibitions throughout Europe. She published worldwide, including the field of interior design, architecture, photography and music.

From the beginning of her professional career, she focused on visualization and form of spaces. Her further interests widely spread into different genres such as architecture, art, music, photography and contemporary dance. After a phase of bouncing around them, she experiments on connecting the different fields and emerging them into her latest project, Earnest Endeavour with 4DSOUND.

Photo: Fabian Fratzscher