“I enthusiastically arrived with a rough sketch what I’m going to work on at the Institute. Right after the first minutes in the studio I had to throw all my plans out of the window. It was a whole new world I hadn't expected before. From the encounter with the space and the system I sensed sound as a unique psycho-physical experience, activated and shaped by the space itself. Sounds here open your awareness of physical presence within the space, it makes you feel as living in a sound capsule."

Davor Sanvincenti is a multimedia artist from Croatia, specifically interested in a field of audiovisual phenomenology and anthropology of visual culture, particularly focused on the conditions and forms of human senses and perceptions through mixed media. 

Following upon his previous investigations around the notion of human presence in nature and its manifesting phenomena, like in his works 'Invisible Landscapes: Earth, Second Moon, Nature needs to be constructed', currently Sanvincenti works on a new sound piece in 4DSOUND called Resilient Nature that will see its premiere on Sunday 8th of May at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest. 

He continues to use field recordings like geological sounds that are witness of the simple acting of nature. His material includes sounds from the deep forest through to animal noises that he collected over the past ten years. He is treating and sculpting each sound separately (field recordings, contact mics, binaural sounds) in order to prepare sonic environments which can shift the perception of dimensionality leading the audience to an elusive cognitive process about inner consciousness.

Sanvincenti was commissioned a residency of three weeks at the Spatial Sound Institute with support from Showroom of Contemporary Sound.  


Photo credits: Domagoj Blažević, Fanni Fazakas