The 4D.Animator is a software application that animates and visualises the sound sources in space. It contains modules for generative movements, scripts for movements trajectories, Lissajous figures and complex shapes for multiple-point delay patterns. These processes are all generated using visual algorithms and then communicate the resulting spatial sound data to the 4D.Engine.

The 4D.Animator contains a dedicated editing and drawing function for composing paths - trajectories of the sound sources moving in space. Paths can be edited in real-time including changes in speed and dimensionality of the sound source along the course of a trajectory. Paths can then be exported as scripts and applied inside a composition or live-performance with 4DSOUND. The editing of paths and generating other spatial processes in the 4D.Animator can be done both online and offline from the 4DSOUND system.



The 4D.Animator is used on the one hand as a physics engine for modelling complex spatial processes, and on the other hand functions as a visual monitor of what happens with sounds in space while you are mixing in 4DSOUND. The animator shows the dimensionality of sound sources relative to the size of the speaker configuration you are working with. It shows the real-time transformations that are applied to the sound sources, such as the shape of the spatial movements, changes in dimensionality of the sound sources and the architecture of virtual walls that reflect and dampen the sound.

As the 4D.Animator provides direct and simplified visual feedback in real-time of what happens with sounds in space, it enhances an intuitive and accessible working process and provides important feedback during a live-performance on the 4DSOUND system.