iPad & Touchscreen Control

4DSOUND has developed an extensive library of template patches for the iPad using Lemur by Liine, and its extended programming language Canvas. Besides the iPad, more and more controls have been developed specifically for a large 23” touchscreen using Lemur/Canvas for Android. The integrated OSC-scripting options inside Lemur makes it a versatile environment for customising 4DSOUND controllers, tailoring control pages specifically for each performance. Lemur’s integrated physics engine offers an interesting extension to generate spatial movements from within the iPad or touchscreen itself, allowing control over the speed, friction and tension of moving objects, slides and strings.

Vladislav Delay working with an iPad as part of a complex synthesis chain, ADE 2014. Image: Georg Schroll

Vladislav Delay working with an iPad as part of a complex synthesis chain, ADE 2014. Image: Georg Schroll

The iPad control for 4DSOUND was initially developed as a remote control of a 4D.Live set, including pages to trigger scenes and clips within 4D.Live, control selected audio effects and spatial effects. This enables the performer to move freely through the space while performing on the 4DSOUND system. In practice, interfaces developed with Lemur have been applied in a great variety of ways: from having a few hands-on live spatial controllers next to a 4D.Live set, up to completely self-sufficient control systems independent from other software.

The standard 4DSOUND template includes: 

  • control of global position
  • ploding and rotation of the spatial field
  • spatial delay effect
  • live sculpting of spatial acoustics
  • dedicated modules for controlling swarming behaviour of multiple sources.

Many variations have been developed from this initial template. 4DSOUND also applied Lemur/Canvas to prototype the development of custom hardware controllers, such as the Space Control 01 and the hybrid spatial DJ-production tool TiS 0.9.


Techno Is Space (TiS) Control 0.9

The TiS Control 0.9 is a prototype 23” touchscreen interface designed by 4DSOUND to provide artists more direct access to the possibilities of space in their sound production and performance. Designed as a stand-alone spatial sound controller to perform on the 4DSOUND system, it caters to the immediacy of a DJ-mixer but at the same time strives to integrate extensive spatial control options within a compact and accessible format. 

The TiS Control 0.9 contains eight channels that are used to mix live on the 4DSOUND system. The controller was designed for 4DSOUND: Techno Is Space, our series of experimental club performances, challenging artists to rethink their way of designing and mixing sounds from a spatial perspective. Instead of controlling volume of a channel, artists control the distance of a sound source; EQ balance of a channel is created by changing the shape and dimensions of the sound source.


The controller also streamlines a huge range of control parameters in the 4DSOUND environment into 4 effect knobs per channel/sound source, enabling artists to play with key spatial attributes live during their sets, such as reverbs, spatial delays, spatial movement paths and on-the-fly looping of movements. 

To enable artists to construct the framework of a set in less time and prepare more complex processes for recall during a live-set, the touchscreen controller has an integrated memory which allows to save source- and effect-settings that can be instantly recalled during performance, providing a hybrid spatial DJ-production tool.


Space Control 01

The dedicated hardware controller Space Control 01 extends the chain of controls, and can be used in sequence with or independent from a 4D.Live set and iPad control. This device is tailored for manual performance of eight sound sources in space. The joysticks are used for the horizontal positioning and side wheel for the vertical positioning of each source in space. The wheel below allows to change the physical dimensions of each source: from a infinitely small point of sound to a large block of sound that fills the entire room. Each source is equipped with an additional knob which sends the amount of reverb from the virtual walls. 

The Space Control 01 is communicating OSC and the addressing, value and scaling of its controls can be fully customized using 4DSOUND’s OSC.Mapping options. Space Control 01 was commissioned by Stimming and specifically designed for his 4DSOUND live show. The hardware was built by Studio360 in Austria.