The 4D.Engine forms the core of a 4DSOUND system configuration. The 4D.Engine is a stand-alone processor that can generate up to twenty-four sound sources in real-time. Audio and data streams can come from a variety of external devices and instruments, and are collectively processed in the 4D.Engine into spatial sound sources that can move in a virtually unlimited spatial continuum. The 4D.Engine is running a dedicated multi-channel distribution protocol called 4d.pan. The protocol deals with the translation of dimensional sound sources and the interaction between objects to actual loudspeaker outputs. 

4DSOUND is an object-based sound system. In practice, users of the system are not dealing directly with the distribution of sound to multiple speakers, but instead are encouraged to think about space in terms of physical dimensions and distances, unlimited by the physical constraints of the room you are in and independent from the positions and amount of speakers used. During a working process in 4DSOUND, the 4D.Engine is a stand-alone processor that is passively handled by the user for the monitoring of audio levels, data flow and performance.