A set of Max4Live devices provides integral control of the 4DSOUND system inside Ableton Live. Inside a 4D.Live set, every audio channel can be linked with a corresponding midi-channel that communicates spatial sound data (OSC) to the 4D.Engine. All parameters of the system can be automated on a timeline using Ableton Live’s arrangement view. This mode of working integrates extensive spatial sound control into the established workflow of editing and mixing a music composition or soundtrack. 

Ableton’s session view allows further options for spatial sequencing by utilising midi-clips as spatial sound scripts. Spatial position- or movement-data can be stored and recalled by writing spatial coordinates or pathnames into the clip. The clip’s start, stop and loop-options can be used to synchronise the speed and scale of spatial movements to fit the timing of audio clips. The clips also allow the option to automate any parameters of a sound source linked or unlinked from the clip’s time selection. 

The options for working in Ableton’s session view are further extended with a dedicated system for storing and recalling of spatial sound settings from the clip. This allows users to create their own libraries of pre-composed spatial attributes, movements and processes and recall these settings instantly at any given moment and place within the 4D.Live set.